How We Do it


We receive tons submissions from extremely talented playwrights at all stages.  Once we receive them all, we send them through a series of phases, in order to choose six plays for our season of readings. Once the plays are selected, they are paired with months and the playwright and their work is celebrated throughout the designated month. During the month the play is presented in a directed stage reading, prepared by experienced directors and resident actors.

Here's a Breakdown

Phase 1: 
Our first panel of qualified readers will read every play submitted by the deadline carefully, while generating a body of notes on the work. After each play is examined carefully this panel of readers will select a group of scripts to go through to phase two. 

Phase 2: 
Our second panel of qualified readers will read the group of scripts selected by our first panel in detail while generating more notes to be sent off to the third and final phase. 

Phase 3: 
A final panel (Artistic Directors and Dramaturge) will read the surviving scripts and then select which plays will be featured monthly in our season of readings. 

*All Playwrights who have submitted their work will be notified of all the phases their work completed and sent a copy of all the notes accumulated by each panel.

Now We Celebrate

We celebrate the selected playwrights and their topic for the entire month, by doing weekly blogs around their play topic and the artist themselves during their paired month.   

 At the end of an entire month of celebration we present a fully directed play reading performance to our members, analytical thinkers, theatre professionals and theatre lovers.

 Once the month is completed each participant is issued a certificate of achievement and a full packet of submission options to agencies  and theatres they can send their work to as they prepare for the next level of their playwrighting journey.